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    Sarah Malik is a professional belly dance artist devoted to the dance, music, language, and culture of the Middle East. She studies and performs an Egyptian/raqs sharqi style of belly dance, along with folk dances such as saidi and baladi. Sarah is known for her energetic and playful style of dance and for being able to share her joy of dancing with her audience.


    Completed Level 1 of Raqs Flow - May 2015

    Completed Level 2 of Raqs Flow - May 2017

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    Sarah Malik is a professional belly dance artist devoted to the dance, music, language, and culture of the Middle East.

    Sarah fell in love with belly dancing while performing as a Russian dancer with her church. As she began studying the art form, she found herself drawn to other aspects of Middle Eastern culture. Sarah began studying Arabic at her university, earning a minor as her secondary field of study. From this introduction to the language, Sarah traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel, for a semester abroad, in order to continue her Arabic studies. After graduating, she went to Amman, Jordan, as a student in the Middlebury School of the Middle East - a partnership with the University of Jordan. Sarah studied Arabic for five months, signing a contract stating that she would not speak any English during her time there. This experience not only strengthened her knowledge of the language, but also gave her an invaluable insight into Middle Eastern culture. As a musician, Sarah has begun studying the darbuka.

    Sarah has taken belly dance workshops with the following instructors: Sadie Marquardt, Badra Falak, Salwa, Özgen, Sanjana Muthreja, Lebanese Simon, and Dr Hassan Khalil. She also studies under Sadie's mentorship and certification program: Raqs Flow. Sarah takes group and private lessons under the instruction of Esmeralda Conrad in Metz, France, along with attending regular ballet and yoga classes.

    Sarah has a diverse background in both dance and music.

    Sarah has been taking lessons in different forms of dance throughout her life. As a child she studied ballet and tap. She then moved to hip hop and Russian dancing, studying each for six years. While performing as a Russian dancer, Sarah was first exposed to belly dancing at an international festival. Shortly after this, she devoted most of her dance time to studying belly dance. While in college, Sarah became an avid salsa and swing dancer. She could be found at a dance club most nights during the week, dancing salsa, bachata, merengue, east coast swing, west coast swing, lindy hop, and blues. Sarah also took ballroom dance lessons in international latin ballroom with the Case Western Reserve Ballroom Team. As Sarah continues her belly dance training today, she still enjoys salsa and swing dancing.

    Sarah's musical training started with the piano. She began to take lessons at the age of nine and still continues to play today. From elementary school through middle school, Sarah played the flute in her school band. In addition to her Russian dancing, Sarah was also a member of her church's balalaika orchestra. Sarah is currently learning fiddle (celtic) and the darbuka.

    Sarah's diversity also extends to her personal life and education.

    A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Sarah has moved nearly every year of her life. She has an associate degree in Automotive Technology and was an ASE certified Master Technician for over ten years. She has a bachelor's degree in both Mechanical Polymer Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Arabic as well as a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Sarah speaks English, Arabic, and French.

    Sarah currently lives in Metz, France, with her husband.
  • Book Sarah for your next event!

    Delight your guests with a performance by professional belly dancer, Sarah Malik!

    To book Sarah for your event, please send an e-mail to sarah.raqs@gmail.com,
    or go to the Contact Page. (Please include the date and time of the event)

    Types of Venues

    Sarah is available to perform for many different types of venues, including, but not limited to: restaurants, nightclubs, cultural events, festivals, corporate events, charity functions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, themed parties, concerts, university events.

    How long is a show?

    A typical show will be between 20-30 minutes in length. Shows can be shorter or longer depending on the wishes of the host. For events such as restaurants, shows can be split up into smaller segments that take place throughout the evening. The dancer may use props such as veils, canes, fan veils, Isis wings, finger cymbals (zills), or candles.

    Is it appropriate for children?

    Of course! Children are welcome to watch the show and often love to dance along! Sarah only asks that you watch your little ones if they wander out, especially when she is using props, because she wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.

    Who provides the music?

    The dancer provides her own music on a CD or an ipod. The host is responsible for providing the sound equipment (the louder the better!). Requests for certain songs can be made before the event. Shows are usually more engaging if the dancer knows her music well before the event takes place. Sarah is happy to perform with live musicians as well. Typically, the dancer will stay out of sight until the music begins.

    Is tipping appropriate?

    Yes! Unless the host has requested otherwise, the dancer is happy to accept tips. Bills can be tucked into the dancer's belt or rained over her head as a "money shower". Coins can be given after the dancer has finished or to the host to give to the dancer at the end of the event.

    What about out of town and international shows?

    Sarah lives in Metz, France. She is available for national and international shows. The client pays the booking fees, travel, and lodging expenses if needed.

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    September 30, 2018

    Performance for the "Belly 2 Belly" festival in Belgium.

    June 16, 2018

    Performance for the competition at "Orientalicious" festival in Amsterdam.

    July 1, 2017

    Performance from Sadie Marquardt's Swiss Belly Dance Retreat.

    July 1, 2017

    Performance from Sadie Marquardt's Swiss Belly Dance Retreat.

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    Sarah Malik

    Metz, France
    E-mail: sarah.raqs@gmail.com
    Phone: +33 (0) 6 52 92 66 97

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  • Raqs Flow



    Sadie’s Raqs Flow Training and Certification Program presents students with a comprehensive, in-depth curriculum to learn, experience, and explore the rich diversity of the dance form commonly referred to as “Bellydance” in the west, or “Raqs Sharqi” or “Oriental Dance” in the east. Students will receive the technical tools and training to gain mastery over the vast and evolving vocabulary of Bellydance movements from the traditional to the modern. This program is designed for students who seek to achieve personal growth and development through completion of all 4 levels. Levels 1 and 2 are open to anyone interested in learning more about Raqs Flow or just looking for in depth training with Sadie without the obligation to test. Levels 3 and 4 are closed to students who are certified in Level 1 and 2.

    For more information, please visit Sadie's website to see when and where the next Raqs Flow Training and Certification will be.
  • Red and Gold Bella + Veil

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    I bought this beautiful Bella used from Bhuz. I am the second owner (as far as I know). Bella is in EXCELLENT condition. Only a few strands of beads missing from the bra - you can barely tell they're gone. It comes with the bra, belt (detached from skirt), skirt, two beaded arm bands, two beaded hand/wrist bands, headband, AND a matching veil.

    Bra Band = 32in (81cm)
    Cup Size = D cup absolute max, can be padded to fit smaller
    Belt Length = 36in (91.5cm) (I have it set at the max length which is 35in (89cm) around)
    Top of skirt is elastic. Unstretched = 29in (74cm)
    Length of skirt = 37in (94.5cm)
    The veil is from Dahlal.com - it is their standard rectangular gradient silk veil in red and gold.

    For reference I am a 34D in US bra size.

    Price: 400€ + shipping

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  • White Mermaid

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    This beautiful costume was handmade by Samer Abed A. Eid from Jerusalem (I bought it directly from him in Jerusalem). The material is white with silver glitter throughout. The stones are all aurora borealis in color. The skirt has a built in modesty panel and is completely elastic at the waist. The bra ties at the neck and back.

    Bra Band (from end to end of ties) = 54 in (137 cm) (be aware that this bra ties in the back - there are no hooks)
    Ties around neck (from top of bra cup to end of ties) = 16 in (40.6 cm)
    Cup Size = D cup (7.25 in (18.4 cm) horizontal, 6 in (15.2 cm) vertical)
    Top of skirt is completely elastic. Unstretched = 32.5in (82.6 cm), Completely Stretched = 58 in (147 cm)
    Piece that goes around natural waist is also elastic. Unstretched = 30.5 in (77.5 cm) Length of skirt = 36.5 in (92.7 cm)

    For reference I am a 34D and I wear my skirt/belt quite low on my hips, which are 38in (96.5cm).

    Price: 150€ + shipping (10€ in Europe, 30€ international)

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